Our Vision




With a new world of technology that allows us access to unlimited knowledge, finding the right content for our children is a tough task. Helio is introducing a simplistic approach for parents to navigate the tech world for their preschooler by incorporating fun and exciting learning solutions through the Helio App. Helios’ creative studio curates digital and non-digital games focused on engaging children in narrative learning gameplay based on educational standards with phonetically and educationally correct formats.


We’ve grown up playing games. We learned to slay dragons, save the princess and defeat mythical enemies. At Helio, we are combining the powerful lure of gaming with the science of enthusiastic instruction to help students learn through auditory, visual, sensory, and phonetic platforms. Indeed, our approach to game-based learning is evidence-based and student approved– and it promises to transform education as we know it. We aren’t talking about teaching with games but teaching through games. Our games allow children to not only learn the alphabet, shapes, sequencing, numbers, matching, and spatial reasoning, but also share what they have learned with grown-ups- engaging educational and emotional bonds that will last a lifetime.