Gretchen Fyke Sheppard, M.A. Creative Director, Helio

Gretchen has an extensive background in all things kids! Having two children herself, she also has nephews and nieces that she enjoys spending as much time with outside and inside their classrooms! Gretchen has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and was a Peer Counselor for high school kids, co-taught kindergarten, produced elementary school plays, and has been an integral part of her community for over twenty five years. Gretchen loves to sing, paint, bake, act, volunteer, garden and spend time creating characters like CHOMP! Her husband, Rodney, is the guitar player for Sugar Ray, and is the voice of Chomp on the Sounds Like Fun ABC Cool Kid Preschool Academy App!

Gretchen has two children, Campbell (19) studying Creative Media and a member of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity at the University of Alabama, and Charlotte, (17) a junior, at Corona del Mar High School who rides English equestrian with her horse, Werner, and plays club soccer! Gretchen has a Labrador, Georgia Mae, Chiahuahua, LuLu, kitty, GreyC, and ferret, Petey.