Sounds Like Fun ABC Cool Kid Preschool Academy presents

An early childhood enrichment game for kids aged 2-6

Keep your child focused with educational independent play

With the same characters you know and love!

Follow Professor Helio and his pal Noni the bunny through a Cool Kid Quest as they help their lovable companion Chomp learn letter recognition, puzzle solving, counting, shapes, and more!

Cool Kid Challenge

Set sail on an adventure!

Earn Bear Bucks while playing in four randomly delivered games based on phonics, beginning and ending sounds, counting, shape recognition, puzzle games, matching and more!

Each game is designed to repetitiously teach letters, letter sounds, numbers, sequencing and patterns.

Alphabet Adventure

Master the letters in the ABC’s

Created to ensure correct phonetic pronunciation of each letter for all learners. Noni the bunny takes your child on an alphabet journey one letter at a time, to help free animals, earn reward coins, and sing!


Practice fine motor skills

Sounds Like Fun’s, Tracing, takes the basic letter stroke to a fun level! With a rainbow of different colors to choose from, the child can learn how upper case letters are created by simply using their finger!

Strengthen Skills

Gain Abilities

Earn Rewards

When trying this app on my students I noticed how engaged they were in the lesson, I use this now as an enrichment during my tutoring time.

Maura Mollner Teacher and educational consultant

Written by educators, and based on state standard curriculum

Finally, screen time you can feel good about

Why kids love us

Kids can watch hours of unboxing videos on YouTube - why? Because they want to feel immersed in what they watch. With Professor Helio and the gang, they can - but with a positive, educational goal.

  • Show off your new knowledge to your family at the dinner table
  • Earn coins “Bear Bucks”, board their choice of in-app whimsical characters, outfits, and other rewards
  • Have hours of screen time fun

Why parents thank us

Adults want screen time to be a positive learning environment that will support safe and fun lessons and Sounds Like Fun ABC Kid Preschool Academy has it all!

  • Guide content consumption with parental controls
  • Track your child’s progress
  • Supplement your at-home learning with teacher-approved games

Meet Barbara Milne

Voice of Noni the Bunny

Barbara Milne is an educator, author, singer, and songwriter with a background in children’s music, early childhood education and psychology. She also has many years of experience as an elementary teacher and Parent Ed. preschool instructor.

Ms. Milne has helped us develop the soothing songs you hear in the app and sings each one melodically as the voice of Noni the Bunny to help engage your child.

Give yourself and your child the gift of Helio

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Fun and silly sing-alongs Science, math, reading, and colors

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