Eric Marshall -

My son and daughter have there light on every night. We love the 30 min timer and the soft light.  After our book time, we talk about the educational slides on the ceiling. It is truly a great product!

Robert Olson -

The HELIO Base Station has not only been a night light for our 3 year old daughter, but it’s been an amazing educational tool! It has taught her many things that have made her more advanced within her class! We will not go a day or night without using the HELIO light!  

Nick Hayden -

HELIO has been a great tool for over the summer for my daughter to keep up in her education. She enjoys switching out the discs and exploring the different content available. HELIO makes learning fun for all ages.


Jay DeMerit -

Oakes loves the big moons and stars the most... We are starting to work more on the words etc.too. It’s a great learning tool. Thanks again!


Eric Olsen -

We love our HELIO children’s projector system. It provides a comforting light for bedtime and it turns off automatically so we don’t have to worry about switching it off and leaving it on all night. We also like the interchangeable discs that keeps our daughter learning right up until bedtime. Having the digital clock on the unit is useful in teaching the concept of time, and the concept of when is bedtime. We are looking forward to new projector discs coming out to keep bedtime fun, entertaining and educational.


Lee Orwig -

HELIO is a great way for me to interact with my kids in a productive and fun way. Laying down and talking about with my kids about whatever disc we’re using helps us bond and teaches them (and me sometimes!) something worthwhile. It’s a great alternative to plopping them in front of the tv.


Anchalee Mekchay -

Love this product for my two boys! Not only is this a great part of the bedtime routine. It makes learning facts super fun.   The discs are easy to change and it is made well. . Very cool.! It is educational and fun for all ages!


Dustin Wagner -

HELIO has been an fun and versatile tool for us! We have used it with our 6 month old who loves looking at the light and different pictures! It will be a great learning tool to use with her as she gets older. Also, my wife has been able to use it during speech language therapy with her students at school and they love it! It is something new and exciting for the kids to do which gets them excited about working on sounds and learning new vocabulary. We are excited to continue using Helio at home and work because of the great success we've had with it so far.


Heidi McCall -

What a great addition to our bedtime regime... The implementation of the HELIO has made the Bed Time Blues a thing of the past!  The kids are excited for bed time, with the integrated learning software making it easy and informative.