so much goodness packed in a single ebook
so much goodness packed in a single ebook

ABC Cool Kid Preschool Academy!!


An Educational Game for Cool Kids!

With the new norm of spending more time at home, wouldn’t you like to offer your little one the best educational games available? The answer is yes. ABC Cool Kids Preschool Academy offers the best in audio, visual, and tactile gaming for kids to reach their educational goals. Our interactive games and whimsical characters will guide your kids on an educational adventure learning the alphabet, numbers, counting, puzzles and gaining memory strength!

Meet Our Cool Characters


Professor Helio


Ms Noni



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Learn ABC, phonics , shapes , numbering and lots more!

ABC Cool Kid Preschool Academy has been educationally designed to for your little learner. Professor Helio will navigate preschoolers through games based on state standard that earn Bear Buck coins as rewards! Kids will become confident through repetition as Professor Helio, Chomp, and Noni use audio, visual, and tactile prompts in whimsical games that will keep your Cool kid engaged! ABC’s, 123’s, puzzles, counting, spatial and letter recognition, bigger than or smaller than, and memory skills will be mastered as kids earn while they learn! Adults want screen time to be a positive learning environment that will support safe and fun lessons and ABC Cool Kid Preschool Academy has it all!

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Professor Helio will guide and encourage educational play while world renowned educator and children’s performer, Barbara Milne, adds a relaxing and entertaining element as Noni, the bunny, throughout the phonetically famous Apple Apple A A A song in the ABC Adventure. Chomp, the hungry orange mushy monster with a unicorn horn, needs some fruit! Kids will feed him with throughout the Cool Kid Quest and he will roll right into the hearts of millions as they master matching pairs! Utilizing Common Core guidelines, kids can learn letters, sequencing, puzzles, phonics and more through silly narrations, beautiful graphics, great sound effects, and of course, shopping in the Bear Bucks Superstore!

The entire program has been created by well renowned award winning teachers to give kids the perfect learning app.

1. John Fyke

2. Gretchen Fyke Sheppard

3. Barbara Milne

4. Maura Mollner

Start Your Learning Adventure Here!

ABC Adventures!

Learn about the alphabets and phonics here where the globally known children’s educator and performer, Barbara Milne, brings bunny Noni to life teaching the alphabet and phonics through Milne’s hit song, Apple Apple A A A while playing games along the way!

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Cool Kid Quest!

Help build ABC confidence in your preschooler with the help of cool kid quest! The educational games include puzzles, memory matching, spatial recognition, biggest or smallest etc.Different learning modes help your kids stay interested and engaged while enjoying the incredible graphics and whimsical characters like Professor Helio and Chomp!

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Alphabet And Number Tracing!

Learn about uppercase letters, lower letters along with numbers with the help of tracing mode

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Wear your favourite outfit for Prof Helio and Ms Noni. Currently we have 8 new outfits ready to be unlocked.

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